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Points of Sailing

My parents finally divorced when I was 24 years old.  Being the last of their children, I was the only one left still living at home.  Like many other young adults, I had previously moved out, and a year or so later, I moved back in again with them.  It […]

Letting Go

When I was younger and my mother’s death was an imaginary event in the far away future, I told her, “When you die I’m going to be a total disaster.  I’ll be making a scene at your funeral.  The boys are going to have to haul me away, kicking and […]

Into the Allagash

Every morning, I’d check my DNA matches at all the testing companies.  23andMe was my favorite at the time (2014), so I started with them.  Then, I was off to check Ancestry and Family Tree DNA.  I continued to get DNA matches though none of them were particularly good.  All […]

All The Right Nows

Not long after my mom passed, my dad moved in with my brother, Steve. He wasn’t particularly ill though he had his own chronic health issues to deal with.  And while he kept his weekly grandfather/granddaughter after-school lunch dates with my daughter, Sabrina, it still left a whole lot of […]