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Test Complete

My dad’s 23andme test results came in while I was riding an employee shuttle bus on the way into work.   I had been checking my email for a completion notice about fifty times a day since I put it in his test in the mail.  I had checked it again, […]

March, 2013

Back when I DNA tested, it wasn’t tremendously unusual to only have fourth cousin and beyond matches at the DNA testing companies.  Even following the advice to test everywhere (AncestryDNA, 23andme, and Family Tree DNA), which I did, there just weren’t that many people in the databases.  Once in a […]

Papa’s Girl

I was fortunate in the amount of time I regularly got to spend with my parents as an adult.  Despite being divorced since 1989, my parents managed to keep the family together.  Holidays, birthdays, events with the grandchildren; these things weren’t ever an issue.  They both happily attended.  My parents […]


I knew telling my eldest daughter, Cassandra would be uncomfortable.  For me.  Not her.  There wasn’t a thing I could say about my mom that would change Cassandra’s feelings about her Nana.  While both of my parents showered my kids with attention and affection, each had a special relationship with […]

The Search (2013-2015)

What did searching for a biological father look like in 2013?  Back then, you needed two things: DNA matches and a chromosome browser. A chromosome browser (in case you missed the description in a previous post) is an application that illustrates all 23 pairs of your chromosomes.  The idea is […]

Irish I had Known

By and large, the reason why most people take a DNA test at Ancestry is to learn their ethnicity estimates.  Knowing where your people came from is a pretty standard curiosity for all human beings; genealogists are just people that feel that curiosity to a greater degree.  I had no […]