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My Three Branch Tree

Being a person with a mother, a father, and a biological father makes a few things in my life a bit more complicated: my medical history, my personal relationships, and my family tree. The family medical history I’ve given to doctors for my entire adult life is now 50% incorrect […]

Mid-January, 1964

The story of me begins with my parents deciding to separate. My mother, a 25 year old housewife at the time, decided that she was tired of raising three little boys alone while my father drove a truck all over the country. She was lonely living, “out in the sticks,” […]


My mother’s name was Sandra, “Sandy,” to anyone that she ever met. She was five feet of sass, marinated in loss, wrapped in responsibility, and served with a heaping side of unconditional love. And if you didn’t know Jesus, she’d be happy to introduce you. Her father was a farmer […]


I miss my dad so much that while driving to work the other day, I tuned into a sports radio talk show.  I don’t know anything about sports.  I don’t care about sports at all.  But the chatter on the radio made me smile.  If you were riding in the […]

The Sudden Loss of Gravity

Nothing can prepare a person ahead of time from the shock of not DNA matching their own father.  Oh sure, they tell you in the literature that comes with the test that, “you may discover surprising results,” but that’s for those other people.  Not for you, unsuspecting person who has […]

23andMe (andMomandDad)

In exchanging email with CeCe Moore, I now had a DNA game plan.  I would get a second opinion.  I’d re-test my father and me at the DNA testing company, 23andMe.  23andMe had something I didn’t know I needed: a chromosome browser.  A chromosome browser is an illustration of your […]